• Producing and circulating knowledge on the real economy. Our strategy is to produce data and insights on the economic issues and struggles experienced daily by women through collaborative research and the dissemination of knowledge on the economy from the perspective of grassroots leaders and activists. We believe that closing the gender equality gap must come from solutions that are based on women’s deep knowledge of their own social and economic reality. 
  • Promoting debates on Social Finance and Gender. Our strategy is to start a nationwide discussion on the importance of social impact investment models to take into account the realities of women in different contexts. We believe that a feminist perspective on finance entails adopting an approach that incorporates social and environmental impacts in the calculating rationale of financial risk.
  • We connect grassroots women’s groups to feminist funding ecosystems, in line with intersectional feminist grant-making principles. We are at the moment mapping feminist funding ecosystems in Brazil and plan to have it published by the end of 2020. 
  • We offer institutional support to grassroots organizations in designing projects, writing reports, improving organizational accountability, and advising on advocacy initiatives.